Fordsdale Property stunning views

COVID-19 UPDATE – July 2020

We are working to improve facilities Water and Toilets We now have 2 long drop toilets. We also have 1 tap drawing bore water, great for washing up and for camp showers. There is still no drinking water currently, but we are working on that! Cleaning products such a gloves, spray bleach and hand sanitiser[…]

Fordsdale Weekender Accommodation

COVID-19 Update – JUNE 2020

Fordsdale is still operating, however due to COVID-19, we’ve some changes. PLEASE NOTE: The guesthouse / weekender is no longer offered to short-stay guests. This now has permanent tenants. Access to the camping area has changed. Access for all campers will require a 4WD vehicle. All campers will have to be completely self-sufficient. Camping clients[…]