Fordsdale Volunteers

Fordsdale is always looking for enthusiastic and energetic volunteers who wish to gain work experience at the property. Volunteers are involved in many aspects of day-to-day operations, depending on their individual background, skills, confidence levels, interests etc.

There are 2 main pathways for people interested in volunteer work at Fordsdale:

  1. ↓ WWOOF’ers
  2. ↓ Teens 16+ yrs

What You can Experience

This could be feeding and looking after animals, fixing fences and gates, in fact it could be many different things. One example could be helping to chop “Lantana”. This grows as a pest on our property. But if you suffer from allergies we have other suitable activities.


Over the years Fordsdale has been a WWOOF host. Now we have decided to extend this concept to our camping guests.

Fordsdale is a WWOOF host!!


What is WWOOF?

Find our more about WWOOF here!

Fordsdale Camping, a WWOOF member
Fordsdale Camping, a WWOOF member

Anyone who is a member of WWOOF, is able to take advantage of the benefits of membership. Or maybe you would like to become a member of WWOOF, Fordsdale can help you. It means you can stay overnight in our camping areas as many times as you like each year. In return, you agree to offer some of your time and effort.

WWOOF Guests Stay for Free!

When you camp on the property, you offer just 30 minutes of your time. This is what you exchange for camping fees, so you pay nothing. These are only light duties and it doesn’t take very long at all!

Camp free in exchange for 30 minutes of light duties

Want to Know More?

Check this out!

If travellers are not yet a member of WWOOF, Fordsdale will pay your membership in exchange for work to the value of the membership.

For bookings you will need to quote your WWOOF number or join WWOOF when you arrive on the Fordsdale property.


Teenagers (16 years +)

Become Part of the Fordsdale Team

If you think you can commit some time on weekends or school holidays, you could be a Fordsdale Volunteer! Gain awesome experience, learn great ne skills, and get to know our animal family too. All this while you have lots of fun and meet new people. and get to know our animal family too.

An excellent opportunity for young people!

What We Offer You

We reward your hard work, and your commitment to learning the proper Fordsdale way to do things. So in return we offer you free horse riding lessons, and other training that you will value and enjoy. Our goal is to see you become Horse Trail Riding Guides on the property. This is paid work and quite specialised.

Skills on the Farm, Skills for Life!

If want to know more, please speak with Sue at Fordsdale.