Fordsdale Parents and Kids

Equine Assisted Learning

Sue is now offering learning experiences with the horses at Fordsdale. This 8 week course is titled Communication / Emotional Regulation. The course is designed to help adolescences but can be helpful for anyone. Below is a brief outline of the course. Week 1 MAKING A CONNECTION Meeting people/horses for the first time. Overview of[…]

Fordsdale Property stunning views

COVID-19 UPDATE – July 2020

We are working to improve facilities Water and Toilets We now have 2 long drop toilets. We also have 1 tap drawing bore water, great for washing up and for camp showers. There is still no drinking water currently, but we are working on that! Cleaning products such a gloves, spray bleach and hand sanitiser[…]

Fordsdale Weekender Accommodation

COVID-19 Update – JUNE 2020

Fordsdale is still operating, however due to COVID-19, we’ve some changes. PLEASE NOTE: The guesthouse / weekender is no longer offered to short-stay guests. This now has permanent tenants. Access to the camping area has changed. Access for all campers will require a 4WD vehicle. All campers will have to be completely self-sufficient. Camping clients[…]

Fordsdale Weekender Accommodation

Weekender Closed until further notice

Sadly, Fordsdale no longer offers it’s cottage / weekender to guests. Until further notice, the weekender is closed. Early in 2020, our region was hit heavily by floods. We had not quite finished our clean-up of the property, and getting ready for guests once again, but COVID-19 arrived instead. During this time, we have needed[…]

Fordsdale Horse Welcomes You

Explore Fordsdale

The Fordsdale Property, Heaven on Earth Our beautiful pocket of the world is a very special, and holds a few very special secrets too! From sunsets on hilltops with stunning views, running cool streams, rolling grassy plateaus, and hideaway camping spots you won’t want to ever leave, the Fordsdale property really inspires the explorer in[…]

Fordsdale is Pet Friendly

Fordsdale Family Fun

At Fordsdale, Family Fun is more or less guaranteed! We make sure there’s something for people of all ages. There are different options for so many engaging activities. We regularly try new things, and we are always ready to tailor our adventures and packages to suit our visitors too. Something Fun for all ages! Bring[…]

Fordsdale Bouldering

Fordsdale Bouldering

Try Bouldering at Fordsdale At Fordsdale Bouldering in the Locker Valley we have a number of areas that provide an ideal chance for some serious Boulder Climbing Action! Check us out… Doing some research? We suggest these sites for some interesting reading: Safer Landings means safer climbing experiences Getting in Shape for climbing Best beginner[…]

Fordsdale Wheelchair Friendly Accessible Bathroom

Wheelchair Friendly

Fordsdale Farmstay accommodation is wheelchair friendly. Our guest house now has ramp access and a disabled bathroom. We are very excited to welcome guests who use wheelchairs to the property for their perfect getaway. Read More Accessibility standards in QLD How our design compares on Pinterest To find out more about our facilities, contact Sue[…]

Fordsdale Volunteers


Fordsdale is always looking for enthusiastic and energetic volunteers who wish to gain work experience at the property. Volunteers are involved in many aspects of day-to-day operations, depending on their individual background, skills, confidence levels, interests etc. There are 2 main pathways for people interested in volunteer work at Fordsdale: ↓ WWOOF’ers ↓ Teens 16+[…]