Fordsdale Bouldering

Fordsdale Bouldering

Try Bouldering at Fordsdale At Fordsdale Bouldering in the Locker Valley we have a number of areas that provide an ideal chance for some serious Boulder Climbing Action! Check us out… Doing some research? We suggest these sites for some interesting reading: Safer Landings means safer climbing experiences Getting in Shape for climbing Best beginner[…]

Fordsdale Wheelchair Friendly Accessible Bathroom

Wheelchair Friendly

Fordsdale Farmstay accommodation is wheelchair friendly. Our guest house now has ramp access and a disabled bathroom. We are very excited to welcome guests who use wheelchairs to the property for their perfect getaway. Read More Accessibility standards in QLD How our design compares on Pinterest To find out more about our facilities, contact Sue[…]

Fordsdale Volunteers


Fordsdale is always looking for enthusiastic and energetic volunteers who wish to gain work experience at the property. Volunteers are involved in many aspects of day-to-day operations, depending on their individual background, skills, confidence levels, interests etc. There are 2 main pathways for people interested in volunteer work at Fordsdale: ↓ WWOOF’ers ↓ Teens 16+[…]

Fordsdale Endurance Competition Ride

A Taste of Endurance

Ever wanted to try Endurance Riding? Fordsdale Horseback Adventures is offering an opportunity to compete at an event. A Taste of Endurance is a 4-day package where you have the opportunity to ride a trained endurance horse in a real competition ride. A Real Competition Ride The experience starts at lunchtime Thursday where you will meet your[…]