Fordsdale Family Fun

Fordsdale is Pet Friendly

At Fordsdale, Family Fun is more or less guaranteed! We make sure there’s something for people of all ages. There are different options for so many engaging activities. We regularly try new things, and we are always ready to tailor our adventures and packages to suit our visitors too.

Something Fun for all ages!

Bring the little ones with you, perhaps they’d like to try feeding our baby goats. We offer Parent and Child Horseback Adventures for 8+ yrs, Volunteering and learning practical skills for 16+ yrs, right up to group Horse Trail Rides, or hideaways in our Weekender for those who want to get away from it all.

Family fun also means Pet Friendly!

Of course no family adventure is complete without your beloved pet pooch. That’s why Fordsdale is Pet Friendly. As long as you are happy to supervise your 4-legged best mate, you can be sure they will enjoy their time at Fordsdale too. One main reason we ask that you keep an eye on your little mate, is because at Fordsdale, we have a lot of animals running about. For example, the Awassi Sheep is a wonderful part of our family fun activities.

To find out more, have a look at our Camping information, Events page, or check out our Horse Riding Packages. If you still have any questions, just contact Sue at Fordsdale.