Fordsdale Camping

Fordsdale Camping Adventures

Fordsdale Camping Adventures

Experience the peace and tranquillity of Fordsdale Camping. Choose your own camping spot in our beautiful camping areas throughout this amazing property.

Fordsdale Camping Tips

It’s a little too steep for Caravan’s, 4WD’s are definitely recommended.

Fordsdale in the Lockyer Valley

As you explore to choose your perfect camping spot, you’ll discover so many options. We have 1,000 acres of tranquil bushland with spectacular grazing plateaus, as well as some truly breathtaking sections along the Ma Ma Creek, where many have come to relax in the quiet hidden away spots amidst an endless backdrop of natural landscapes.

Magnificent Backdrop of Natural Landscapes

The property can be a little steep in some places, and so it is very well suited to people with tents and camper trailers. We offer only bush camping, no powered sites here. Here our guests enjoy a peaceful stay. Families and friends have plenty of room to spread out, and enjoy the time being together with each other as well as really indulge in the time away from home .

Fordsdale Camping: Pet Friendly and Motorbike Safe

Many of the families who come to Fordsdale have young children, so we ask that you please leave your motorbikes at home. Family dogs are welcome but they will need to be supervised at all times, because livestock is around. Horse owners can bring their own horse and explore the 1000 acre property, or go for a ride along the Bicentennial National Trail.

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We use YouCamp for camping bookings. To check availability and make a booking, see our YouCamp page.

If you need any assistance, just contact Sue at Fordsdale.