3 Day Horse Riding  Holiday
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3 Day Horse Riding Holiday

Fordsdale Farmstay, Camping and Horseback Adventures

3 Day Horse Riding  Holiday


We now a offer a 3 day horse riding package. Ride along the Ma Ma Creek or up the mountain at Fordsdale, we can even ride the “Razor Back” It can be for any 3 days, 3 X 24 hour period starting from Sunday afternoon (including dinner Sunday night) until Friday morning (including breakfast) The package includes all meals plus accommodation , and all the horse riding you want for a 3 days and 3 nights. Horse riding can include morning or afternoon lesson, or a 2 hour trail ride either morning or afternoon, with lunch at the homestead, or an all day ride where we pack a lunch and take it with us. This package is priced a $530 for adults for the the 3 day period and 1/2 price ($265) for children. This package is not available during the school holidays mid year, Easter holidays, June/July, of Sept/Oct, but can be booked during the summer school holiday period.


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