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Environmental Camping

From 1 May 2017 FORDSDALE FARMSTAY is starting ENVIRONMENTAL CAMPING. Over the years we have been WWOOF hosts and we have decided to extend this concept to our camping guests. From the 1st May anyone wishing to camp on our beautiful property at Fordsdale are invited to join WWOOF. Your membership lasts for 1 year and in that time you can visit our property as many times as you like and you can locate other WWOOF hosts through your WWOOF book or app. In exchange for camping on our land instead of charging a camping fee we ask all campers to spend half an hour for each night they camp chopping the “Lantana” which grows on our property (for people who suffer allergies we have other suitable activities).

If travellers are not already a member of WWOOF I am personally prepared to pay your membership for you in exchange for work to the value of the membership.

For bookings you will need to quote your WWOOF number or join WWOOF when you arrive on our property. For further enquiries, phone Sue on (07) 54626707.

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