COVID-19 UPDATE – July 2020

Fordsdale Property stunning views

We are working to improve facilities

Water and Toilets

We now have 2 long drop toilets. We also have 1 tap drawing bore water, great for washing up and for camp showers. There is still no drinking water currently, but we are working on that! Cleaning products such a gloves, spray bleach and hand sanitiser will be left in the toilets, so visitors can clean-up after use.

Fire Wood

There will be logs which can be used for firewood, left for guests in 3 spots for collection. You will need a chainsaw to cut up, or you can bring some wood. There is other wood for collecting around the property, if you enjoy a drive or a walk. There is usually lots of driftwood along the creek too. (Please don’t cut standing trees)

Phone Coverage

There is no mobile service on the property. You can get reception at the top of the hill, which has a track for you to walk up.
Driving up the mountain is not permitted.
In case of emergencies, there a Telstra 3G hot spot. For urgent calls or texts, this can be found at the Bell Tent.

See more about Telstra’s coverage for the area.

If you have any questions, please contact us.