3 Day Horse Riding  Holiday
Overnight Horseriding Adventure
5-day Jillaroo / Jackaroo Experience
Angels and Horses Intuitive Therapy

Horse Riding

Trail Riding

We take families, young and old on our daily trail rides. We offer 1 hour, 2 hours or all day.

  • 1 hour trail ride. Adults $66, Children $55
  • 2 hour trail ride. Adults $110, Children $88
  • All Day Trail Ride, with lunch & morning and afternoon tea. Adults $198, Children $165

Maximum number in group 6 people. Maximum rider weight 80kg.

Fordsdale Overnight Horse Riding Adventure

Our overnight horse riding package is designed for individuals wanting a fun-packed adventure. Accommodation is a dormitory style bunk house with outside toilet / shower block.

  • 3 hour adventure ride first afternoon
  • 3 hour adventure ride next morning
  • Breakfast is a country-style cooked breakfast
  • Dinner is a yummy BBQ with the property owners (with a few drinks around the camp fire)

This package suits individuals or a group of friends looking for an adventure, and is available to intermediate and experienced horse riders only. Maximum of 4 people per group. Price $320 per person

Fordsdale Family Horse Riding Holiday

We offer fully catered horse riding holiday packages. Guests can stay in our accommodation and go horse riding each day. Includes three meals plus overnight accommodation as well as a selection of the riding opportunities included in the package price.


  • Riding lesson in the round yard and short trail ride, lunch at guest house, lesson in afternoon or trail ride, OR
  • Trail ride in morning, lunch at the guest house, afternoon trail ride on alternative trail.

Price $220 Adults, Children $110, Non riders $110. (This is for 24 hour period) Package can be for as many days as you like. Starting morning or afternoon. Book-in book-out flexible.

Minimum stay of 2 days

Fordsdale Jillaroo / Jackaroo 5 Day Experience

This experience is suited travelers who desire the opportunity to work on a farm or station.Work and live with the hosts at Fordsdale. Learn how to do farm chores like fence maintenance and driving a tractor or bulldozer. We offer a 5 Day farm experience where you can also take part in the Landcare program. Work with the young horses, gentling and training. Go for a leisurely horse ride or an exhilarating training ride, depending on your prior riding experience. We do work long days and put as much experience as we can into each day. Let us tailor an experience to suit you. Max 4 people at any time. Only available Mon-Friday. Package Price $550 per person. Includes accommodation and meals.

See our pricing, seek further information or make a booking.

Fordsdale Horseback Adventures Rider Information Form

Joining us for a ride? Please submit your details below to help us match you with the perfect horse for your skill level. Forms must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to your ride.

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Safety Acknowledgement*

I acknowledge that this information I have provided above is true and correct. I understand that activities involving horses can be hazardous and that horses may act unpredictably particularly when frightened or hurt in any way. I acknowledge that accidents while horse riding can occur and that such accidents may result in bodily injury, death, disability and/or property damage. Knowing these risks I acknowledge and accept that I ride and participate in riding and trail riding activities at Fordsdale Horseback Adventures at my own risk and that Fordsdale Horseback Adventures shall be under no liability to me for any accident, damage (including property damage) or injury that I might suffer as a result of my participation in any riding activity at Fordsdale Horseback Adventures.